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About matchmeajob.com

Job searching is known to be a time consuming, laborious and stressful exercise. Many job seekers are often in a ‘catch 22’ situation where they would like to search for a new job, but due to their hectic lifestyles, personal or work related commitments, they do not have the time to search.

Thankfully, matchmeajob.com has the solution - i.e. we are the solution! Reason being, we do the leg work for you. We search for matching jobs on your behalf and upon your instruction, we can also apply. Our service has been specifically designed to save you from sacrificing countless hours, late nights and precious family time that would otherwise be spent searching and applying for jobs online.

With over thousands of live jobs on our website, your match is only clicks away!

We offer FREE MEMBERSHIP, granting full access to thousands of jobs along with FREE Job Match Services.


Why We Are Different

We don’t have ‘bots’ that crawl vacancies to match you like other job boards, as we believe that the best results can only be generated through the human effort, resulting in proper consideration towards your job search requirements. This results in better matches and happier job seekers!

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Kind Words From Happy Campers

What other people thought about the service provided by matchmeajob.com

Amazing service that has saved me countless hours and many late nights of job searching. I was matched within days and have landed a great role.

Job searching has never been so easy. In fact, I didn’t even have to search as matchmeajob.com did the searching for me. Fantastic!

I never knew that job searching could be so effortless. Matchmeajob have totally removed the stress from searching. What a great service!

It feels great to not have to spend hours searching for jobs anymore as I simply apply to shortlisted vacancies that have been matched for me.